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@7J7L92W from California answered…3mos

No, however there should be more measures to include women to positions of power

@93GCYWX from Michigan answered…4mos

@9334YP3 answered…5mos

No, and any business that receives any kind of government funding or benefits should be required to have only heterosexual cisgender male Christians on their board of directors.

@92T58MH from Illinois answered…5mos

no but thy should try to diversify their business as it would probably help them

 Deleted answered…5mos

Yes, and businesses should also be required to have non-binary individuals on their board of directors

@6LV5ZML from Washington answered…6mos

@925J4Q8 from Missouri answered…6mos

@8ZYQ39P from California answered…6mos

@8SGXQ5C from Colorado answered…6mos

@8ZVJ234 from North Carolina answered…6mos

@8ZLZHD9 from Pennsylvania answered…7mos

Yes, but only because the current opportunity for men and women to elevate themselves in the workplace and is unequal, favoring men. Once this and the campaign for equal pay is resolved, then it is not necessary.

@8ZGYJSG from Florida answered…7mos

@8ZB6ZXW from Oklahoma answered…7mos

No, but more should be done to incentivize businesses to diversify their board of directors and workplace

@748XY8M answered…8mos

Replace boards of directors with directly elected workers' councils

 Deleted answered…8mos

No, let them choose the gender mix (or lack thereof), and let them reveal the degree of commitment to diversity, so that potential customers and clients can choose whether or not to do business with them accordingly.

@8YZ77F8 answered…8mos

Any Board of Directors should have an independent minority advisory board to make sure all cultures are being respected.

@8YX4JT9 from Texas answered…8mos

 Deleted answered…8mos

No, but they should willingly allow women on their board of directors

 Deleted answered…8mos

No, but they should willingly let women on their board of directors

 Deleted answered…8mos

No, but they should willingly have women on their board of directors

@8YF4BR7 from Montana answered…8mos

No, position in a company should be based on experience and qualifications, not gender

@8YDJ4S5 from Illinois answered…9mos

@8YDDQXR from Illinois answered…9mos

@8XP4MLR from North Carolina answered…10mos

1. It depends on the business 2. The larger the business, the more diversity required.

@8XBMR4G from Alabama answered…11mos

No, but the government should work to fight workplace discrimination in other ways

@8X8TPKQ from Pennsylvania answered…11mos

No, but there must be a diverse selection committee to be sure that the business does not become patriarchal.

@8WKFQ8J from New York answered…12mos

@8WCF5QP from North Carolina answered…12mos

@8WCFCZ5 from New York answered…12mos

It doesn't have to be required, but it should definitely be allowed.

 Deleted answered…1yr

No, companies should appoint whomever is most qualified, regardless of gender

@8VL9DP4 from Texas answered…1yr

No, but if a man OR woman has the capability to be on the board of directors they should.

@8VC7WDN from North Carolina answered…1yr

Women should not be allowed in the board of directors. These are stressful jobs better handled by men.

@8TXN4LS from Wisconsin answered…1yr

No, but give marginalized groups more opportunities to advance in their job

@8TP6QKS answered…1yr

No, businesses should only be allowed to appoint straight cis-males to their board of directors

@7ZL7KQZ from Florida answered…1yr

@8SGXQ5C from Colorado answered…1yr

No a woman's place is at home being the main educator of her children

@8STJ2TC from New York answered…1yr

No, as forced diversity for its own sake does not actually show that a company is progressive.

@8SGXQ5C from Colorado answered…1yr

No a women should educate children as well as work in the home and community not worry themselves with Jobs outside the home

@8SGXQ5C from Colorado answered…1yr

No a women should educate children as well as work in the home and community not worry themselves with the cooperate world

@8SGK482 from Kentucky answered…1yr

there should be more representation of women leaders but they shouldn't be picked just based on gender

@8SB5Z26 from Florida answered…1yr

@8S5BPGH from Wisconsin answered…1yr

No, We should defiantly encourage it using social programs, but we cannot force it

@8MJN4XZ from Massachusetts answered…1yr

@Ujesh301 from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@8RX37LS from Oregon answered…2yrs

No, but we need to increase education and job opportunities for women and minorities so they have a level playing field. Naturally, they will fall into leadership positions as long as we lift the restrictions they have.


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