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@892HFDV from Minnesota answered…1wk

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…2mos

No, a separate category should be created in which transgender athletes compete against other transgender athletes of their current sex

@8CDY44Q from Ohio answered…2mos

No, there should be separate categories of competition for transgender athletes.

@9425J2G from Florida answered…2mos

A professional sport is played by professionals. It should not have any part in politics what so ever and should be left to the respected sports companies.

@93VWQKP from Nevada answered…2mos

No, but allow transgender athletes to compete in their own sections just for trans-men and trans-women

@93ZP8QG from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes, but only for those participating in non-professional sports and whose hormone levels are equivalent to those in the gender category in which they compete. I believe that transgender women should not be allowed to compete on gender-based teams in high-stakes competitions such as the Olympics. According to current research, even after undergoing hormone therapy, trans women retain an advantage in muscle mass and strength. These long-term studies clearly show that transgender women would have a competitive advantage when participating in the female category of sport.

@363HKGJ answered…2mos

No, but this should be up to sports organizations to enforce, not the government

@8XTK7FN from Massachusetts answered…3mos

This question isn't relevant to political beliefs. Professional sports standards are established by the private institutions that manage them

@558YLXV answered…3mos

Individual athletic organizations should come up with their own rules on how to allow transgender athletes to participate without giving them an unfair advantage/disadvantage. The governing bodies should also have oversight committees to ensure no individual or class of athlete is unfairly burdened by these rules or policies.

@93TPNRX from Washington answered…3mos

@93RQL4H from Massachusetts answered…3mos

@93PCGBB from Michigan answered…3mos

Yes, but in a separate league along with other transgender athletes

@92JXK3J from New York answered…3mos

If a trans athlete can prove that them competing will not create an unfair advantage to themselves, then yes. Otherwise competitions reserve the right to refuse them and force them to compete in their biological sex group.

@93NZ4XK from Texas answered…3mos

@8P8MHKS from GU answered…3mos

Generally not, but this will depend on the nature of the individuals transition to a different gender.

@93K5QCN from New Hampshire answered…3mos

Yes, but get rid of gendered sports in general if everything was merged this would be a non-issue

 @93HQYDF from Oklahoma answered…3mos

Government should not usurp authority for determining participation rules from sports organizations.

@7NCC4DH from Texas answered…4mos

No, transgender athletes should compete against other transgender athletes of the same transgender.

@93DS58S from Texas answered…4mos

No, if it gives the transgender competitor an unfair advantage because because of physical size and strength. Otherwise it is okay.

@8TMFV7P from Georgia answered…4mos

@4KMQBNC answered…4mos

No, but allow the playing of all sports by any gender against any gender

@9366CMT from California answered…4mos

@934DCZZ from Michigan answered…4mos

Keep women's sports restricted to biological females and allow transgender men and women to compete in men's sports

@9334YP3 answered…5mos

There should not be any separate competitions based on sex, every athlete should compete together.

@Evilraz from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

@92Z8JX9 from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

Regardless, this should be handled by the sports organization in question to allow or deny. The consumer can then decide to support or oppose.

@92XHZ6C from Missouri answered…5mos

@92XJ8SQ from New York answered…5mos

@92PZ3CR from Indiana answered…5mos

 @8XD6BY6 from Nevada answered…5mos

No, but we should create separate sections for transgender males and transgender females to compete in instead

 Deleted answered…5mos

No, transgender and non-binary athletes should compete in a separate category.

@92C6SMF from Maryland answered…6mos

@9284RDV from California answered…6mos

Yes, as long as they meet the same requirements for those who are not transgender

@925J4Q8 from Missouri answered…6mos

depends on how comfortable both the transgender athlete and the other athletes are with each other

@926PBTG from Texas answered…6mos

@926BVSY from Missouri answered…6mos

I would say if they did do that it would have to be agreed with all of the other people that around them and in that area. I would just say make sure with everyone before you do it.

@923DK7W from New York answered…6mos

I believe sports shouldn't be based on gender at all. Instead, base it by the strength, agility, performance, etc... of the athlete.

 @8XD6BY6 from Nevada answered…6mos

No, but we should create separate sections for transgender males and transgender females to compete in instead.

@73HZG98 from Virginia answered…7mos

@8ZLFQJW from Oklahoma answered…7mos

Creating a league for transgender athletes would be a better solution.

@8ZLD3MT from Oklahoma answered…7mos

I feel as if that you’re transgender you’re automatically that gender whether you gone through the full thing over not

@8ZLY28T from Colorado answered…7mos

NO, except for people that Transition from females to males, all trans gender's should compete in the men's division.

@8ZGPKM9 from Missouri answered…7mos

it does not matter they should be able to go against whoever they want


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