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@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…4mos

Yes, and adjust it every year according to inflation. Allow individual states to raise the wage if the cost of living in their area necessitates it

@93YKQZL from California answered…6mos

Abolish the federal minimum wage and make it a local or state issue. Create guidelines to ensure that state and local leaders cannot abuse the system to establish low wages for others.

@57XN3G4 answered…6mos

Yes, and raise all wages to a living wage and comparatively to education/degree.

@9425J2G from Florida answered…6mos

No, lower cost of living so that people can afford what they work for. Minimum wage for entry level jobs and free training/promote from within a company should be implemented.

@93Z7LG5 from Kansas answered…7mos

No, wage standards should be local because living cost is different across the country

@heatherdvdprince… answered…7mos

Yes, make it a living wage and adjust it according to inflation regularly enough to keep it a living wage. Perhaps enough to make $24k a year when working full time.

I've heard of many people happily living on $7k per year despite having much more (even being rich). However, this does require some time to aquire skills for DIY. So $24k may be more reasonable for people without those skills.

@93SWSM8 from Utah answered…7mos

No, different states and zip codes have vastly different costs of living and income necessity, so wages should be adjusted accordingly.

@92JXK3J from New York answered…7mos

Every state has a different standard of living. Each state should have the power to decide on a minimum wage. The federal government should only ensure that the minimum wage is not abused by state governments for politics.

@4HNKVKT answered…7mos

Yes, but the federal minimum wage should be set in line with the lowest state or by a calculated value rather than a flat value for the entire country

@92JXK3J from New York answered…7mos

Every state has a different standard of living. Each state should have the power to decide on a minimum wage.

@8TBSRN2 from Washington D.C. answered…8mos

The federal minimum wage should be set based on profit, number of employees, and inflation.

@93GXC37 from Michigan answered…8mos

@93CS3TH from Texas answered…8mos

@8TMFV7P from Georgia answered…8mos

No, eliminate all wage standards and implement a Negative Income Tax instead

@9344LDW from Connecticut answered…9mos

@9334YP3 answered…9mos

No, the government should have no control over the wages agreed between an employer and an employee in the private sector.

@8YFCYTS from California answered…9mos

No, states should set their own minimum wages and adjust it according to inflation

@92XHX9V from New York answered…9mos

make it a living wage and adjust every year according to inflation

 Deleted answered…9mos

No, minimum wage standards should be a state option rather then federal option

@92PJ2HW from Oregon answered…9mos

No, this prices out small businesses that cannot afford to pay workers and benefits large corporations like Amazon and Walmart. Additionally, small businesses make up a large portion of empoyers.

@8532KYJ from Georgia answered…9mos

No, eliminate the minimum wage and replace it with a citizen dividend

@92JXK3J from New York answered…9mos

Yes, but the Democratic proposal of 15 dollars is too high. 10-11 dollars is a better idea.

@92DRQZM answered…10mos

You can raise it but not much, if it is raised I say raise it only a dollar or 2

 Deleted answered…10mos

@7MKJ4WC from Nebraska answered…10mos

Yes, in accordance with inflation but not every year unless inflation is drastic.

@9242PWP from North Carolina answered…10mos

yes make it a living wage to be able to live in the are you are working if you are paying for housing or are homeless however if you are not put it back to $10 but also keep all of these consistent with inflation.

@923Z93G from Pennsylvania answered…10mos

No, remove all wage standards and provide a national dividend to all adult citizens instead

@8ZVJ2LM from North Carolina answered…11mos

adjusts depending on inflation percentage shouldn't lower but can increase when inflation normal keep at 7.25

@8T9KVZK from Tennessee answered…11mos

No, I support the abolition of all federal wage standards in favor of increased collective bargaining rights

@4M8TY2M answered…11mos

Yes, it should be a living wage and be increased yearly according to inflation.

 @JaredForALGov from Alabama answered…11mos

Yes, and it should be dynamic enough to account for changes in cost of living for a given area.

@heatherdvdprince… answered…11mos

Yes, make it a living wage and adjust it according to inflation regularly enough to keep it a living wage. Perhaps enough to make $24k a year when working full time.

 Deleted answered…11mos

Yes, adjust it every year at the federal level based on inflation and the cost of living, but allow states to adjust their own minimum wage as well.

@8ZGPKM9 from Missouri answered…11mos

yes make it to where the people are able to have it and keep it and it should raise based on how many people they are taking care of

 @RickStewart from Iowa answered…12mos

Government can never create jobs, only destroy them. If the government were to pull out of the economy wages would rise across the board, due to market competition, and the lowest paid workers would be able to cover all their own expenses without relying on redistribution schemes, which have been universally unsuccessful at taking care of our most vulnerable populations.

@4SNPK4B answered…12mos

Create a decent universal basic income, enough to live comfortably with no additional income, after which minimum wage laws are unnecessary.

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…12mos

Yes, and establish two minimum wage standards by age group - one for those between 16-22 years of age, and a living wage for those 22 years of age and above. Adjust both standards every year according to inflation

@6VFYRRC from Virginia answered…12mos

Personally, yes. But it should be up to state and local government to decide if they want to raise the minimum wage or not.

@8YYBYBH from California answered…12mos

@8YVYRH4 from Wisconsin answered…1yr

@BrizzeeA from Arkansas answered…1yr

@8YRX57G from California answered…1yr

No, because most family diners cant handle the federal minimum wage. And a lot of people lose their jobs because of the wage.


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